Case Study – Ann

Hip Replacement | Adaptive Clothing

Hip Replacement | Adaptive Clothing

It has helped me dress faster and be more confident.

How comfortable are you attending rehabilitation?

Very comfortable when doing my rehab sessions. The ice packs are very soothing.

Has it helped you get out and about faster?

Knowing they are comfortable and not visible under clothing I went to more social activities.

Dressing with more confidence

“I was nervous about having nurses or family help me with my underwear. When I heard about EasyReach underwear it settled my nerves and went to the hospital prepared.”
- Ann, UK

Case Study – Ben

Hip Replacement & Arthritis | Adaptive Clothing

Hip Replacement | Adaptive Clothing

Holding onto the tags to do up the zippers helped with arthritis in my hands.

How comfortable are you attending rehabilitation?

The cooling gel eased the pain during the post-op exercises and made the experience easier.

Has it helped you get out and about faster?

I attended a family lunch sooner than I expected as I didn’t need any help going to the bathroom.

Dressing with more confidence

I live alone and using dress aids with arthritic hands was going to be difficult. I can dress myself and without the fear of falling and replace the gels as I need.”
- Ben UK


“Really good! No trouble getting them on. I’m definitely going to need two pairs at least to be able to wash them between times. I thought of using them before hip replacement as I have just as much trouble getting dressed with my arthritis”

Mr. F (UK)

“Really easy to put on and comfortable. Very supportive. I like the gel pack to help cool my wound.”

Mr. B (UK)

“EasyReach meets my patient’s needs. For the first time, they can dress themselves without needing to bend. Patients with stiff fingers say they are so easy to take on and off.  It’s made my job easier, and it has given the patients the dignity of being able to care for themselves knowing they are not going to be doing any damage to their new hip as this is a worry for patients when they are first faced with what was (before their hip replacement) a simple task.”

MM. Orthopaedic Pre-Assessment senior nurse

“Easy Reach pants are certainly much easier to put on.  The avoidance of having to thread your feet through the leg opening is, of course, their main purpose…but it really works. I was initially very skeptical about the benefit of the cold pads.  However, having now used them many times, I am converted: they give a significant benefit. EasyReach is a clear differentiator from other underwear. Three pairs are about right for continuous use. They wash easily and dry without any discernible change of properties. I genuinely think this is a great product, it’s easy to use, comfortable, and very effective.”

Mrs. SDB (UK)

“This is a brilliant idea! I will need multiple pairs while I’m recovering from my hip replacement. And the quality looks so good!”

Mrs. S (UK)

“A really good thought about garment as trying to get ordinary knickers on is so difficult you have to put them on the floor and try and get your feet in.”

Mr. C (UK)

“That’s brilliant! What a great idea! I’ve been using the drawstring on my shorts to ‘swing’ them on until now.“

Mr. S (UK)

“Oh, how clever. I wish I’d known about these during my nursing career! I can think of all sorts of people who would have felt much more dignified if we’d had them available.”

Mrs. P (UK)